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The Spring Maiden
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Book 1
The Spring Maiden

The Spring Maiden

The Cartographer's War - Book One

A bewitching debut from a strong new voice in fantasy. The Spring Maiden is everything. Book one in The Cartographer’s War gives us a fierce, relatable heroine, forbidden love and a noble quest to root for.

Book 2

The Shadow Lord

The Cartographer's War - Book Two

Penny Barclay thought she could trust those closest to her. Her mother had been a paragon of virtue, a woman of sense and ingenuity in Penny’s eyes.

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The Unseen King: The Cartographer’s War - Book Three

The Unseen King

The Cartographer's War - Book Three

Prince Aiden is gone. Taken. Kidnapped by the fae and portalled to only the Goddess knows where. And Penny Barclay is determined to find him

Book 3
Book 4

The Unwanted Queen

The Cartographer's War - Book Four

Penny Barclay thought eating Faerie’s sacred fruit would keep the rebels from gaining the upper hand, but it all went sideways.

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