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The Unseen King: The Cartographer’s War - Book Three

The Unseen King

The Cartographer’s War - Book Three

Prince Aiden is gone. Taken. Kidnapped by the fae and portalled to only the Goddess knows where. And Penny Barclay is determined to find him.

With a pack on her back and Aiden’s trusty dog at her side, Penny rushes headfirst into Faerie—the world she’d always dreamed of but never thought she’d see. At first, the magical kingdom is mystical and fantastic, but as Penny journeys deeper into the seasonal Courts, she discovers that some magic is not to be trifled with and her childhood fantasies were just that, fantasies. It will take all of Penny’s strength and ingenuity to find Aiden and bring him back to Olympia.

When Aiden wakes in a new world, all he can think of is getting back to Penelope and his family in Olympia. After the death of the High Queen at the hands of the rebellion, Aiden finds himself trapped by magic he doesn’t understand in a kingdom of fae that would rather fight one another than face the approaching enemy. Becoming High King of a folk he’d never even met may be the Goddess’s worst idea yet. But when he meets a family of fae that have insights to his past and his magic, he has to decide whether to embrace this new life or return to Penelope to find the life they promised each other.

Separated by enemies and friends alike, Penny and Aiden must adapt to this new kingdom and help the fae fight off the rebels or find themselves trapped in a land on the brink of destruction.

​Book release: August 27, 2024

Available Everywhere August 27, 2024

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“I love a good re-imagining of ancient myths and this debut author packs a punch! It has everything I look for in a story, strong and fascinating characters to root for, creative world building, suspense, a mysterious villain, and just enough romance to keep me wanting more.”
— Jeff Wheeler, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
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