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The Unwanted Queen

The Cartographer’s War - Book Four

Penny Barclay thought eating Faerie’s sacred fruit would keep the rebels from gaining the upper hand, but it all went sideways. Not only have the rebels found footing in Faerie and taken down the Mist, but Penny is under fire by the fae with their deep-rooted prejudices against mages. Even Aiden—or rather High King Aedon of Faerie—is rather put out with her. If she doesn’t prove herself quickly, she’ll find herself with more enemies in Faerie than just the rebellion.

With new attacks on every front, newly appointed High King Aedon is going to need a miracle to keep his kingdom together. Just as he was figuring out his new role, everything went awry. Now, not only must he get the warring Courts to see eye to eye, but he also has to convince his entire kingdom that Penelope is not the villain they paint her as. As the rebellion gains more and more traction, Aedon’s fight to keep the folk together is more imperative than ever.

As The Cartographer closes in, Penny and Aedon must unite the kingdom for good, or watch their people—mage and fae alike—perish at the brutal hands of the rebellion.

​Book release: January 14, 2025

Available Everywhere January 14, 2025

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Fantasy Books for Young Adults
“I love a good re-imagining of ancient myths and this debut author packs a punch! It has everything I look for in a story, strong and fascinating characters to root for, creative world building, suspense, a mysterious villain, and just enough romance to keep me wanting more.”
— Jeff Wheeler, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
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