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Young Adult Fantasy Author
The Spring Maiden - The Cartographer's War

The Spring Maiden

The Cartographer's War - Book One

The Spring Maiden by Allison Anderson
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The Cartographer's War Series

YA Fantasy Author
The Spring Maiden - Fantasy Book

The Spring Maiden

The Cartographer's War - Book One

“I love a good re-imagining of ancient myths and this debut author packs a punch! It has everything I look for in a story, strong and fascinating characters to root for, creative world building, suspense, a mysterious villain, and just enough romance to keep me wanting more.” — Jeff Wheeler, Wall Street Journal Bestselling author

A bewitching debut from a strong new voice in fantasy. The Spring Maiden is everything. Book one in The Cartographer’s War gives us a fierce, relatable heroine, forbidden love and a noble quest to root for.

Allison Anderson: Young Adult Fantasy Author

Allison Anderson lives her best life as a wife, a mom, a dedicated member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and a fantasy writer. As a life long fantasy nerd, she finds it natural to create stories of her own and you can often find her jotting down new story ideas or talking about dragons. She’s spent most of her life across the southwestern United States.

Allison Anderson
Young Adult Fantasy Author

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